Lets get this straight, I have never been the greatest fan of dams. Murky and muddy brown water, the constant thought that some undiscovered Loch Ness type creature could be swimming inches away from you without you knowing – No thank you!

My husband and his friend are obsessed avid fisherman and when it was decided among the men that our next holiday would be at Sterkfontein Dam, us ladies were none to impressed. We reluctantly drove 3 hours , sulking and glum to reach the dam but all those feelings of resentment disappeared as soon as we laid our eyes on this gem.

Sterkfontein Dam is BEAUTIFUL! You could easily be forgiven for thinking you were in Greece or some other foreign country. An annual week long retreat has now become a pilgrimage of sorts – it’s that awesome. The water is a stunning turquoise colour and is crystal clear, the edges of the dam are mostly surrounded by big rocks and cliffs and no matter the direction of your gaze you look upon the magnificent mountains of the Drakensberg.

While the men fish for yellow tail us ladies do what any self-respecting women do – we get our tan on! We either spend our days lounging around relaxing, reading and sunbathing or if we feeling energetic we go snorkeling, tubing and swimming in the icy cold water. If you’re feeling particularly brave and peppy I would definitely recommend cliff jumping, although when I say cliff jumping we generally only jump from about 2-3 metres, but still adrenaline rush of note!

Another favorite of mine is to head for a run or walk up in the mountains or along the dam edge– the abundance of buck and bird life is delightful and heading out on your lonesome into the open mountains, breathing in crisp, fresh air whilst absorbing the spectacular scenery totally resets your mind #itsgoodtobealive

Sterkfontein weather is highly erratic and to experience four seasons in one day in not unusual, but most evenings begin sipping on sun downers whilst watching the sun sink behind the mountains…… doesn’t get much better than that!





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