NIKE + Training Club App

I have always been a relatively active person and being desk bound for the majority of my day, I feel a bit rubbish if I don’t do some sort of exercise every day, but like the rest of us, trying to carve out time to hit the gym or going for a run when the weather isn’t great is tough! Enter Nike + Training Club App.

I stumbled upon Nike Training Club whilst browsing fitness apps and I have never looked back. Nike + Training Club App offers a HUGE variety (100+) of exercise videos that you can do from the comfort of your home and the best part is YOU get to choose what you want to do based on –

  • Your level of fitness
  • Time available
  • Without or without equipment

AND you have the option to play your favourite workout beats at the same time. Talk about #motivation


There are also loads of celebs and athletes that have added their personal workouts so it’s as if you getting active with them.  Oh and did I mention – its free!

I have been using Nike + Training Club App almost every week day morning for the past 6 months and I’m still loving it.

So there is no excuse – download this app now and get active!

Photo credits – I downloaded these from the Nike website 

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